Winter in Boulder can be grim.  Lots of snow that wont melt and old projects that just don’t get you psyched anymore can really bring your motivation to all time lows.  I am always on the hunt for new boulders and often jump on any leads at the off chance of finding something amazing.  I met up with South Platte legend Jason Haas and went to check out an area called Thunder Ridge a few weeks ago and not only did we find great boulders on some of the best granite around but the majority of the climbs had already been established!

Rob D’Anastasio on a warmup (All photos Rich Crowder)

Apparently this area is the best kept secret of the South Platte and people have been bouldering there for quite some time, we just stumbled upon it and got lucky I guess.  After a day of hiking and searching around, we found a few worthy projects and vowed to make a return trip.

The Project!!

Sunday we headed back to clean up and try a project to the left of an established line called Log Jammin.  The line climbs out a massive 45 degree overhang on perfect 1″ edges to a 20ft topout over a perfectly flat landing.  Dream boulder right?  Well it is, but its at least v14.  I worked on the problem for a few hours with Rob D’Anastasio and we were able to put together 2 of the 8 or so moves.  The first move is the crux and revolves around a giant move to a good incut followed by a few setup moves and a huge deadpoint/dyno to a jug slot.  I think this is a 5 star line and DEFINITELY needs to see a send sometime…  too bad it’s a 3 hour trek from boulder.



We climbed on a few other boulders in the area and overall it was a great day.  Climbing here in the winter is doable and is a good option for getting out of town and checking out some new stuff.  We saw anywhere from 40 – 75 boulder problems, mostly moderates, with potential for many more and on some of the best stone i have seen anywhere, a mix between Bishop and Rocktown!  Go have a look for yourself!!!

Another classic in the area called “Cheat Death” (V9)

Note: Access here is sensitive so please follow the rules

1. Always park in the parking lot, under no circumstances should you ever drive up the road, even to drop people or gear off.
2. If the parking lot is full, there are several pullouts further back on the road.
3. Do not cut across driveways or yards, the trail barely skirts the final property and can be hard to find with snow on the ground.
4. A pack in and pack out policy goes without saying.